Meet Wren

No, I’m not a bird.  But I was named after one.  I’m passionate about eating clean, being healthy, and bettering myself.  Follow my journey as I share recipes, my daily life, and hopefully learn some new things along the way.

My journey with becoming healthy started about 20 years ago- my mom raised me organic, eating healthy foods and shopping at local markets.  At first I hated it, because I wanted to eat Lucky Charms and Fruit Rollups like everyone else, not the fake “healthier” versions of the same products.  It wasn’t until my teens I started to realize how lucky I was to be raised this way.  As information came out more and more about GMO foods, the realities of the food industry through media, and the rise in public interest about eating organic, I started to notice my own changes in how I was eating.  I took a food sensitivities test when I was 15 to find out which foods my body was sensitive to.  This isn’t like an allergy test, because having an allergy means I shouldn’t eat the food at all- having a sensitivity meant I could still eat the food, but it could cause me to be bloated, have rashes, stomach aches, sore throats, etc.   I learned I have a lot of sensitivites- wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs (whites and yolks, although yolks were higher, cane sugar, cranberries, coffee, and soy.

After the first test, my mom and I did a two week cleanse of all the foods we were sensitive to, and I have to say, I felt really good.  My usual sniffles and scratchy throat were gone, and I didn’t feel bloated.  But of course, as soon as the cleanse was over, I went back to eating most of the foods I had problems with, and forgot all about it.  Then, just about 4 years later, it got worse.  I had started into exercising and eating better with the help of Tone It Up (will talk more about them another time), and I was now running outside a few times a week.  It was spring of 2012, and all of a sudden, I got stomach aches.  Like, literally every day from the moment I ate breakfast until I fell asleep at night.  I went back to the same doctor where I got the sensitivities test, and she looked me over and inspected my body.  When she got to my stomach, she told me that even though I was exercising and eating better, there were things in my diet causing my whole abdomen to bloat out and make it look like I had fat.  So she did another blood test, and that day, I decided to start eating vegan.  I had removed milk from my diet already, and was eating smaller amounts of meat, so I took the plunge.  I felt amazing!!  I kept it up for two weeks, after my doctor told me that most of my sensitivities had lowered on their own.

But I still didn’t feel well when I added dairy and wheat back in.  Meat was starting to lose its spark in my palette, and I wasn’t using eggs in my favorite protein pancakes.  In October, I did a vegan challenge for the whole month, where every day had a new theme to it about what to eat.  It made me get really creative, and I learned a lot of new great recipes from it!  The next month, on the day of Thanksgiving, I had gone from a bloated 134 to a healthier 122.  I was so excited, and I stayed true to my vegan eating until December.  Into this new year, I’ve had a little meat and fish, but I haven’t added eggs or dairy back in.  But I also have gotten bloated again, because I do slip up and eat treats with this ingredients sometimes.

So today, I’m taking the stand.  I’m committing to becoming vegan for my health, so I can feel and look my best.  I’m going to find new recipes, recreate myself, and make this year of 2013 my best year yet.  I hope you will follow me as I take this new plunge into my new self.  I’m a yoga girl, a runner, a wanna-be lifter, a girlfriend of 4 years, a newbie vegan, and now, this little birdie is ready to fly~


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