5DSD Day 2 Recap & Wild Wednesday!

Second post!


yesterday’s recap!

So yesterday was day 2 of the 5 Day Slim Down, and it was probably one of the longest days I’ve had in a while.  I literally fell asleep doing homework last night.  Tuesdays are going to be day where I’m at school from 8 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, which I haven’t really done since like, highschool?  But still much better than working full time!  I slept through my workout alarm, so I got up and got ready as quickly as I could and ran off to school.  For breakfast, I made the Beach Babe banana split (non-TIU girls, you’re missing out) along with my Bombshell spell and Skinny Mea Tea (I will do a post about them in a few days).  But once I got to school, my first class of the day was World History, and I had a huge passion fruit herbal tea and a pear for a snack.  After that was Math, which I’m surprisingly good at, so that was fun.  And finally, my last class was Drawing, which I was super excited for because I have two friends in the class and I love art.  When I got there I had my TIU Sunshine salad (posted on the TIU blog, see the Tone It Up tab for the link) which was packed with fruits and veggies!  I also had half a mango kombucha, because I dropped it on the floor, and the cap broke and spilled half the bottle- oops!

Once I got home, I was exhausted, and got right to homework, and I also wrote a little.  Every once in a while, I get super inspired to write a story, so yesterday was one of those days it clicked, and I started writing a new little story.  Around 6:30 I made a Green Glow smoothie with protein powder (also on the TIU site) to power me through.  But I think I finished all my math around 9 and then I crashed.  When I woke up, I ate a quick bowl of cereal with some fruit, and was off to bed.  I was so bummed, ’cause I was gonna cook brussels sprouts, my favorite!!



post-gym hair 🙂 not bad right?

This morning, I woke up on time and headed off to the gym!  I’m trying to complete this month’s Blogilates challenge, and since I fell asleep yesterday, I didn’t get my Tuesday workout in, so I did that today.  My arms are dead!  Like literally, jello.  But it was a lot of fun too.  I wanted to do a TIU cardio routine too, but didn’t have enough time for it.  So I’m gonna stay in my workout clothes for school so I can go right to the gym after and finish up my cardio and today’s Blogilates challenge!

However, the weather is so fantastic today- clear skies and sunshine!- that I might end up going home, doing the Blogilates challenge and going on a bike ride for my cardio instead.  Who wants to stay inside a stuffy gym anyway?

For breakfast I made a vegan pineapple protein pancake and topped it with fresh berries, and ate it with my bombshell spell and Skinny Me Tea.  Once I was done eating, I got ready and headed off for class!  My math class went smoothly, we did a group activity, and finished first!  I enjoyed a kombucha green tea and a sliced orange for my tankini and one-piece.  After class I headed home ’cause our neighbor downstairs was gone, which means Wren gets to jump around like crazy!  So I did todays Blogilates127 challenge and lemme tell you- you may think you’ve been sore before, but you’ve never been sore like this.  Everytime there was a move that required arm strenght- planks, pushups- my shoulders were already dead from my bootycall, and now my legs are shaking and my butt is dying, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to walk tomorrow.  This may be a problem.  Sorry bike ride!

wednesday meals!

wednesday meals!

My lunch was a collard wrap using kelp noodles, cabbage, quinoa, chickpeas, avocado and coconut vinegar.  I even added some droplets of sriracha for extra flavor 😉 I’m still not sure how I feel about kelp noodles, I think they’re probably better marinated rather than plain, so next time I wanna try to make an asian stirfry collard wrap and I’ll marinate my kelp noodles in teriyaki sauce!  Post lunch, I showered off my body, but left my hair since I’m gonna work out in the morning tomorrow, so no point in washing it more than needed.

My afternoon eats were some coconut water and a fresh beet, kale, apple and ginger juice!! So delish and cleansing 😉  And then for dinner I made Carrot Parsnip patties from the TIU plan.  My evening one-piece was a mango and half a banana, so sweet and perfect end to the day!  And it was also the last day of my teatox from Skinny Me Teatox, and I will be a more in depth post later, I want to go to my nutritionist first because I’m getting a body fat percentage test and I wanna see if the teatox did anything.

Well that’s all for now!  See you for my next post!!

xoxo, Wren


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