Welcome to This Little Birdie!! And Day 1 of 5DSD ;)

It’s my first post yay!!

photoOk, over with the sillyness.  I’m Wren, a 20 year old college student, girlfriend to an amazing boy for 4 years, vegan foodie, runner, yoga girl, owner of two adorable kitties, and well, me.  I was born in San Francisco and moved to Washington when I was four.  I was always creative and constantly drawing and writing.  After I graduated high school, I moved in with my boyfriend, and started a healthier lifestyle.  I began eating all organic, because even though I was raised organic, I never truly valued it until I moved out and realized how important it was to eat well.  Luckily, I got my boyfriend hooked too.

Last month was one of the most stressful ones of my life.  I was stuck in my job and feeling like I wasn’t happy with it.  This made me very stressed and frustrated all the time, and it was the main cause of my binge eating.  I didn’t fully realize that was the main cause until I parted ways with it.  I immediately felt this huge weight off my shoulders, like I could breathe, eat without pigging out, have time to be happy.  Last week, I also went on vacation to Hawaii with my mom and boyfriend.  It was so peaceful- morning yoga while listening to the ocean, shopping at the farmers market, just doing nothing and worrying about nothing.  It made me realize how I’ve totally neglected myself lately.  Even though I was sort of working out and trying to eat good, the stress was overwhelming and was causing me to lose all of what I had gained.

So on our last night, my boyfriend and I walked down to the beach and wrote affirmations in the sand.  Words like “love”, “hope”, “confidence”, and “new beginnings”.  This spring markers the awakening of the new me.  I’m going to focus on what makes ME happy, and make myself feel beautiful again.  I promised myself that this spring, I’m not going to leave the house without doing my hair anymore, and rediscover how much I love doing makeup, and get some new clothes.  Not to sound superficial or anything, but I love getting all dolled up every day, which I couldn’t do at my last job.

So I’m back on the happy path- working out, eating right, and treating myself.  This little birdie is gonna be proud of herself!


Moving on though, today was my first day back at school for spring quarter- now that I’m not working, I have time to actually take 3 classes!  Not that many, I know, but with the amount of homework you get, work and school is pretty crazy.  So this morning, I woke up with CRAZY cramps (sorry if thats TMI, but hey, it’s life) and the last thing on my mind was my workout.  However, today is day 1 of the 5 Day Slim Down, and I knew I needed to do some exercise to start my day.  For those of you who don’t follow the Tone It Up plan, the 5 Day Slim Down (5DSD for short) is a 5 day cleanse and part of their nutrition program.  So, I got up, put on some workout clothes and did the new Blogilates challenge for the day- also, if you don’t know about Blogilates, go look her up on YouTube, she has awesome workouts!  I felt so much better after getting in a good workout.

my post-workout face

my post-workout face- cute right?

After I worked out, I ate some vegan protein pancakes with fruit, some green tea, and then got ready for school.  I actually just put on a little makeup and stayed in my workout clothes so I could do more when I got home.  It was only for one class today anyways, tomorrow I’ll be there from 8 am to 4 pm.  So, went to class with my “tankini” and “one piece”, which I ate during math, and when I came home I made a wrap for myself with a collard leaf.  So yummy!!  And then an hour later I had a second “tankini” and then moved on to my fresh beet, apple and ginger juice.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Meals so Far 😉

My boyfriend and I were supposed to go out to dinner with his family, but it ended up just being him, which was nice because I actually just wanted to stay home and cook- eating out is always tough when your vegan AND on a slim down, people get so judgey about how you order.  But it’s also kinda sad since I don’t get to spend a ton of time with him 😦

After my juice, I did the last Blogilates workout challenge for the day, which was her new video she uploaded so it was posted in the morning.  I also did some quick yoga followed by a 2 minutes plank!  I’m crazy sore now though!!  You always know you did something right if you get really sore.  I just hope tomorrow morning won’t be so bad!

plank it out!

plank it out!

For my dinner I cooked up some frozen veggies and made a quick stirfry from them with quinoa.  I didn’t wanna use up too many ingredients for things I have planned later in the week, so this was perfecto!  And I also snacked a bit on dried fruit too, so that will count as my evening “one piece”.  But detox tea before bed!

dinner1 detoxtea

Stirfry & Tea 😛

Well, I’m off to bed!  Sorry this isn’t the most exciting fantastic first post, but I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 2, and hopefully this weekend I’ll be doing some recipes!  So be on the lookout for that 😉 But until then, sleep tight & toned!

~Xoxo, Wren


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